Product Care

Our bags are made of real calfskin leather. To preserve all its qualities, we encourage you to take special care of your bag, as instructed below. 

Please keep in mind:

- Our products are made by hand with the utmost attention to detail. Slight differences between the items are part of their nature and make each one of them unique.
- The metal hardware might get scratched, discolored or fade with repeated use.
- Creases and wrinkles may appear over time.

How to maintain the leather quality: 

- Clean the leather using a dry or slightly dampened (warm water is best) delicate cotton cloth. While cleaning, make sure that the bag does not get too damp. Always dry it off completely.
- It’s best to store it inside its dust bag, when not in use. You may also want to stuff it to avoid deformation.
- Before the leather comes in contact with light-colored fabrics, wipe it down with a dry, cotton cloth.

Please avoid:

- Avoid contact with water. Try not to expose the bag to rain. If you do get caught in bad weather, always wipe off the item immediately after with a dry cloth. Dry it off at room temperature, far from any heat sources. Do not use an electric dryer. Extended long-term exposure to heat and sunlight can cause irreversible deformation and color fading.
- Bad weather, humidity, and heat can damage the leather irreversibly.
- Carrying overly heavy objects may deform the bag and stretch the leather.
- Do not use any chemical substances such as solvents, polish removers, gasoline to clean or preserve the leather.