Designed in Berlin
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Where we come from

„We met during our fashion management studies in Berlin and from then on built a friendship that lasts until today.“ 

In 2007 we started our journey within the fashion industry at the college in Berlin - entering the magical, shiny fashion universe. We got to know each and every single step a product passes through: from the very first sketch until it finds its way to a pleased customer. Today we benefit from knowing about the different aspects of the value chain.

Over the years we gained more practical experience and got to see, how some of the big international players of the industry work. We worked on exciting projects, met inspiring people and most important built a friendship, that lasts until today and even over long distance.

Where we are going

„Exploring a new city by bike is fun, but often challenging when you don't exactly know which way to go.   

When Judit moved from Berlin to Munich after her studies, she became a passionate cyclist. Exploring the new city by bike was fun, but often challenging not exactly knowing where to go. Of course there were bike bags and phone holders on the market to buy, but not without compromising on style. Why should you leave your look behind, when stepping on your bike? So she thought of a way to get all of it into one product: the JOU bag. She told Ina about it and they teamed up as they had done during their studies in Berlin.

In 2019 we founded the company jUiN Studio and created the brand majou. For the first time we are able to take all final decisions: Which colour has the bag? Where can you shop it? Which font has the text, you're just reading? Of course not every decision is major, but it's all us!

And taking these decisions with the two of us works actually quite well. We share the passion for all beautiful things in life. We value quality and a minimal design with a certain twist. We have the same design aesthetic.

What makes majou so special

„majou stands for timeless design, versatility and high quality workmanship.  

Bags are more than just a pretty accessory. Your bag is your ultimate companion and should be thoughtfully designed with a modern lifestyle in mind. That's why our bags are not only beautiful but also convenient. Why choosing between beauty and function? majou bags are designed to be the perfect balance of both: form and function.

We spent many months developing and designing our bags, but also selecting the right manufacturing partner to ensure our products are handcrafted at the highest quality standards and with the utmost attention to detail. We are now working with a Turkish manufacturer, who has built an expertise in leather handling over decades.

We don't believe in seasonal trends. That's why our products are timeless but still fashionable. Our bags should be all-time favorites, that can be worn with ease and elevate any of your wardrobe pieces. Bags, that can effortlessly transition from casual to elegant, from day to night.

We are going on a ride with you

„A sophisticated handbag, that is just the right fit for urban cyclists, who don't compromise on style.   

Cycling is one of the best ways to get around the city: fresh air, full flexibility, no waiting for connections, no searching for a parking space and a small workout is also included. So far, however, the market offers mainly utilitarian, sporty products designed for off road adventures or high speed races, rather than the trip to work, shops or meet-ups with friends.

Our Velo bag is just the right fit for you and your bicycle. JOU Velo Bag is a contemporary handlebar bag, that matches the life of an urban cyclist. JOU can be strapped to your bikes handlebar and at the same time allows you to have your mobile phone visible on your rides. Just clip in the PopGrip at the bags front. Once you arrive and remove the bag from your bike, you have a sophisticated handbag.